December Footwear Package Trifecta

$33 OFF all Gokey Footwear

FREE Pair of Socks – FREE Boot Dressing – FREE Shipping

Offer expires December 31st


Returns and Repairs

Please ship all returns and repairs to 300 East Moniteau St., Tipton, MO 65081.


We take pride in knowing that for the better part of almost two centuries sportsmen have relied on the fit of Gokey boots to keep their feet comfortable and blister free during their outdoor adventures. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the way your boots fit and they are still in like new condition, in other words, you have not worn them off outside of a trial fit on carpet, we will replace them with a different size until you are happy with the fit, we just ask that you cover the cost of returning your boots to us.

If by chance you have worn boots and you are not happy with the fit, we can usually re-last them up to one size larger (sorry, we can’t make them smaller) at no charge to you except for your shipping back to us.


Unlike cheaper made imported boots, Gokey boots can be rebuilt and re-soled several times over, in fact we get boots that are 50 and 60 years old in for repair on a weekly a basis.

In addition to the below repair charges, there is a $10.95 shipping and handling charge to return your boots or $8.95 for shoes via U.P.S. when they are finished.

Repair Charge List:

  1. STRETCH = $12
  2. HANDSEWING = $50
  3. NEW SOLES and HEELS = $70
  5. NEW INSOLES = $ 20
  6. NEW BOOT BOTTOMS = $175
  7. NEW BOOT TOPS = $120
  8. SHORTEN TOPS = $100
  10. MISCELLANEOUS (repair of collars, eyelets, speed hooks, laces etc.) = $40