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Gokey USA Contributes in the Fight Against Coronavirus

April 6, 2020. Tipton Mo. and Osceola, Iowa. Gokey USA, a division of Boyt Harness Company and an industry leader of American made, handcrafted leather footwear for 170 years has joined the effort to help slow the spread of coronavirus by converting a portion of their manufacturing capabilities to the production of protective facemasks which will be donated to assist local medical facilities in Missouri and Iowa.

“This has been a team effort by everyone here at Gokey USA to see what we as a company can do to help our community and surrounding communities,” said Stacy Doss, the manager of Gokey’s Tipton, Missouri facility. “Our abilities to adapt our manufacturing processes to quickly meet demands to help our country is somewhat unique to America’s small companies and we are proud to be able to help”.

The first week’s production of fabric surgical type masks were fully donated to the Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

“We are extremely grateful and humbled by the support of Gokey Manufacturing for shifting their normal operations to provide masks for our facility,” said Gaspare Calvaruso, president of Capital Region Medical Center. “We extend our gratitude for your initiative and ingenuity to provide a rapid response to the evolving situation, thank you!”

“The current pandemic has shed a new light on companies like Gokey USA that still have domestic based manufacturing capacity, imagine what shape our country would be in right now if we had to depend totally on manufacturing from non U.S. based concerns” said Tony Caligiuri, president of Boyt Harness Company, of which Gokey USA is a division.

“We are proud to be part of a continuous made in the U.S.A. tradition that spans three centuries and especially proud of world class employees who compete in quality craftsmanship and productivity with any country in the world”, added Caligiuri.

Gokey will continue to work diligently to donate these essential items as long as necessary in order to keep those on the front lines of this pandemic safe.

Boyt Harness Company, LLC is headquartered in Osceola, Iowa and operates brands in the outdoor industry including Boyt Harness, Bob Allen Shooting Sports, Mud River Dog Products, Gokey USA and The Outdoor Connection.

For more information contact Jeff Johnson at 319-310-5105.

Stacy Doss and Katie Parnell of Gokey USA deliver protective facemasks to Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.