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What Makes a Good Upland Hunting Boot?

What is the most important piece of hunting gear you have? That answer changes with each person you ask.  Some might say it’s their gun. Others would not dare leave the house without their hunting vest. Then some have the impression that you must have just the right clothing for every occasion and time of year.

Arguably a great pair of hunting boots will be at the top of the list for many of us.  The ability to walk confidently for miles over uneven terrain is probably the most basic, yet important element in upland hunting. It can make for a long, painful day without a comfortable, supportive pair of boots on your feet, not to mention the potential injury risks involved.

But what makes a good pair of hunting boots? Is it fit, design, shape, functionality, or weight? When it comes to upland bird hunting a well-made, lightweight leather boot is essential. One that will adjust to the type of ground we are hunting, protect from sticks, thorns, rocks, and much more. In addition, the type of sole is just as essential as the quality of leather used in the boot itself.

As upland hunters we walk many miles across the prairies, in the woods, over rocky outcrops, along riversides, all in pursuit of our feathered quarry. Those miles can present some harsh vegetation and without a good boot for protection and comfort those miles can be hard to come by.

There is a standard to all things, and when it comes to light weight upland hunting boots, Gokey holds true as to what all other boots are measured against. What makes Gokey stand out against other hunting boots?  It is the quality of the materials and the pride that Gokey craftsmen take in individually building each boot with timeless techniques and exact standards.

Gokey upland boots are made in a true moccasin style design offering greater comfort and support throughout the footbed than most hunting boots today.  Only the finest 7-8oz bull hide leather is used, tough enough to protect against sharp objects yet pliable to provide the flexibility needed to manage challenging terrain.  A leather covered, removable insole provides amazing comfort right out of the box and that’s something your feet will thank you for at the end of the day!


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